Travelling Rome in 3 Days-Is it Possible to Do

If a 6-Night or longer Rome vacation is more time than you can devote to your Rome Getaway, then a 3-Night Rome vacation is the perfect amount of time for you to enjoy the essentials of Rome. Enjoy a few first hand travel tips before buying your Italy vacation packages.

Day 1

Start your Rome vacation bright and early, after enjoying some cappuccino and getting to the Colosseum by 9am (when it opens). Then move on to Roman Forum; the best route would be past the Arch of Titus so you can photograph this beautiful piece of history.

You’ll see the splendid Basilica of Maxentius and many other temples as well as the shrine of the Vestal Virgins on your way to the Forum. Take the path up to the top of Capitoline Hill to Via di Monte Tarpeo and you’ll be at the top of the group of museums and palazzo that are part of Michelangelo’s legendary Campidoglio.

Make sure you visit Musei Capitolini and see the amazing sculptures. You’ll want to head to Santa Maria in Aracoeli a legendary perch, 137 steps high adorned with Vittorio Emanuele Monument (Altar of the Nation).
After enjoying some Italian fare in the area, it is off to Santa Maria Sopra Minerva where you can see Michelangelo’s Risen Christ before heading to the legendary Pantheon, followed by a short walk to the Trevi Fountain, a must when in Rome.

Before enjoying a wonderful dinner, it is off to the Spanish Steps that have been written about for centuries.

After a night on the town you may want to turn in so you can get a jump-start on Day 2 and The Vatican during your Rome vacation.

Day 2

Start with a walk to the Vatican and a tour of the museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and its famous ceiling, Piazza di San Pietro and then it will be time for some more film. Try not to forget to see Pieta while in the Vatican!

After a wonderful late lunch you are off to Piazza Bocca della Verita to see Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Tempio Della Fortuna Virilis and Tempio di Vesta. Spend some time walking around the area and soaking in the atmosphere, you may enjoy the heart of the old Jewish Ghetto at Via di Portico d’Ottavia.

Day 3

Will be a great day trip to Tivoli and a nice night out to absorb all of Rome’s culture.

On your last day you can begin a day of sights at the Villa Borghese, the largest park in Rome and then heading to Palazzo Massimo alle Terme and then the Baths of Diocletian – just make sure you have plenty of film!
It’s then off to Santa Maria della Vittoria where you can see Bernini’s St Theresa in Ecstasy before you head to Santa Maria del Popolo and then a wonderful meal to cap off your 3-Nights Rome vacation.

It is only an outline to plan your days and nights to get the most out at one go. When the vacation is over, you will have enough time for sweet recollections.